Equestrian & Farms

Almost every agent will declare themselves having an ‘equestrian department’, we do not have a ‘department’ just many many years experience of handling landed property and land itself. We are well known and a prominent company in this market place. It is not unusual for people to search in 2 or 3 counties whilst endeavouring to find the right set up that suits their needs and to this end we receive instructions not only in Buckinghamshire but also Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire (occasionally much further afield).

If buying we are happy to advise people on all aspects of their venture. Selling an equestrian establishment or land is an acquired know how, not least in understanding and promoting the pertinent characteristics and details that this type of buyer actually regards as important. Once a brochure is produced just throwing it up onto the mainstream websites, although necessary, is not in our view sufficient thus we also advertise on more specialist portals just showcasing property with acreage where potential purchasers do not have to sieve an endless stream of chaff to find the wheat.